After Spinning Production System
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    Bundle: Parallelly and uniformly pull out the gelatin tow after standing.
    Pre-drawing: The pre-tensioned jelly filaments drawn from the bundle are fed into the extraction process smoothly after applying pre-tension in parallel.
    Extraction: The solvent inside the frozen collagen silk is completely extracted in the extraction equipment. Drying: The constant-temperature circulating air is used to dry the extractant on the surface of the tow to obtain the dried raw silk.
    Drafting: Three-stage thermal drafting is performed on the dried tow, so that the ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene tow has high strength and high mold mechanical properties. Winding: Untwisted constant tension winding equipment is used to wind and mold the ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene high-strength and high-mold tow.
    Inspection: UHMWPE tow is tested for various physical indicators.

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