Civilian Tools
  • 1.Application of ropes and cables: The ropes, cables, sails and fishing gears made from the fiber are suitable for marine engineering and are the original use of the fiber. Commonly used in negative ropes, heavy-duty ropes, rescue ropes, tow ropes, sailing ropes and fishing lines. The breaking length of the rope made of this fiber under its own weight is 8 times that of steel rope and 2 times that of aramid. The rope is used for fixed anchor ropes of super tankers, offshore operating platforms, lighthouses, etc., and solves the corrosion of steel cables and the corrosion, hydrolysis, and UV degradation of nylon and polyester cables that caused the decrease in cable strength

  • 2.Sports equipment products: Hard hats, skis, sail boards, fishing rods, rackets and bicycles, gliding boards, ultra-lightweight aircraft parts, etc. have been made on sports products, and their performance is better than traditional materials.

  • 3.Used as a biological material: The fiber reinforced composite material is used in dental tray materials, medical implants, and plastic sutures. Has been used in clinical applications. Also used in medical gloves and other medical measures.

  • 4.Industrially, the fiber and its composite materials can be used as pressure-resistant containers, conveyor belts, filter materials, automobile buffer boards, etc .; in construction, it can be used as walls, partition structures, etc., and it can be used to strengthen cement composite materials to improve the quality of cement. Toughness to improve its impact resistance.

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