Continuous UD Weft-free Cloth Production Line
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  • The continuous UD weft-free complete set production line developed and manufactured by our company has greatly improved the lightness and elasticity of the UD sheet through unique substrate material balance treatment, excellent tow arrangement structure, and the use of water-based dispersion adhesive. Achieve continuous and uniform wire laying and ensure a uniform areal density.

Two,Product use

  • The continuous UD weft-free cloth produced by this production line is mainly used for lightweight and soft body armor, curved chest inserts, ceramic composite boards, bullet-proof helmets, bullet-proof riot shields, Light hard armored plates for military and police vehicles and ships, building armor and explosive isolation devices, bank counters, cabin doors, fighter flooring, etc.

Third, related parameters

  • 1. Design width: 1200mm ---- 1600mm
    2. Production line speed: 1-7m / min
    3. Mechanical speed: 1-10m / min
    4. Area density: 35g / ㎡-100g / ㎡
    5. Designed spindle position: 1296 spindles
    6, UD continuous line equipment footprint: 36m × 6m
    Hot press vulcanization equipment area: 17m × 7m
    Cutting and bonding area: 14m * 3m
    Storage area: 200m²
    Suggested production area ≧ 800 m² (one ud continuous line)
    7. Production staff (recommended staff per class, skilled workers, excluding management staff):
    One production line: UD continuous line 3 people (2 operators, 1 craftsman)
    Two production lines: UD continuous line 5 people (4 operators, 1 craftsman)
    Personnel needed for cutting and bonding device: 2 people
    Personnel required for vulcanization and hot pressing: 2

Four. Calculation of theoretical capacity (calculated according to area density 40g / ㎡, speed 7m / min)

  • 1200mm width theoretical annual output: 160 tons.
    1600mm width theoretical annual output: 215 tons.

Five, equipment list

  • No. Name Specification Quantity Remarks
    1 bobbin holder 3 rows * 432 spindles; 6 layers on both sides 1 set can be customized
    2 dividing boards, 6 layers; ceramic yarn guide; adjustable layer distance 1 set
    3 warping machine fixed splitting reel 1 set can be customized
    4 front tractor bridge type; mechanical speed 1-10m / min 1 set
    5 large roller equipment including a set of spreading, gluing and drying systems
    6 rear tractor bridge type; mechanical speed 1-10m / min 1 set
    7 winder width 1.7m, automatic cutting 1 set
    8 Cutting and bonding equipment Including: rail automatic cutting knife, hot-press bonding machine, automatic winding. 1 set
    9 Hot-pressing vulcanization equipment (sold separately) Including: winding and unwinding structure, hot-pressing host 1 set

Six, power consumption

  • Electricity consumption of continuous UD weft-free cloth: 600-700kw / ton weft-free cloth (excluding hot pressing).

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