Personal Military Protection
  • A terms of defense military equipment: Due to its good impact resistance and large specific energy absorption, it can be made into protective clothing, helmets, and ballistic materials in the military, such as armored protective plates for helicopters, tanks and ships, and radar protection. Shell cover, missile cover, bulletproof clothing, stab-resistant clothing, shields, etc. Among them, the application of bulletproof clothing is the most noticeable. It has the advantage of being soft and bulletproof better than aramid, and has now become the main fiber occupying the US bulletproof vest market. In addition, the specific impact load value U / p of the ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fiber composite material is 10 times that of steel and more than twice that of glass fiber and aramid. Bulletproof and riot helmets made of the fiber-reinforced resin composite material abroad have become substitutes for steel helmets and aramid-reinforced composite helmets.

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